Bracelets 3 metals

3 metal bracelets, ancestral remedy

Our ancestors had great techniques to fight off pain!

Our ancestors knew full well the virtues of copper/zinc/brass bracelets.

Discover them again, safely!

We are so certain that these bracelets will be useful to you that we offer a 3-month money-back guarantee!

Our bracelets are handmade, they are crafted in Moradabad

and can be found across the Himalayas and India!

Used for centuries by millions of people looking for ways to ease their different sufferings, these bracelets are flexible; they are adjustable to every wrist, from the thinnest to the thickest. Their lifespan and the duration of their actions amount to a dozen years, with the exception of the TZANGPO model, which is more flexible and which has a copper that will be worn down by friction after 3 to 6 years.

TSANGPO Bracelet is designed to provide you with a significant supply of copper. It is particularly flexible. If you wear it constantly, it will blacken your wrist a lot. This greyish green mark left on your skin is a clear sign of its proper efficiency.

NORBY Bracelet is an item which has such sophisticated interlacing that it can be considered as a fully-fledged piece of jewelry. Indeed, very few people realize, upon looking at it, that it is similar to the traditional copper bracelets worn by our grand-parents.

GOMPO Bracelet is both simple and discreet. Made of a simple braid of three thick wires of copper, zinc and brass, this bracelet is massive. Its design and weight make it better suited for gentlemen or people of a large stature.

DEMPO Bracelet is made of a braid of double wires of copper, zinc and brass. Sporting a lighter design and a lighter weight, it looks more joyful and young. Particularly flexible, it can fit on any wrist, even the strongest ones.

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