Medicinal Incense

Tradition has it that the crafting and the recipes of medicinal Tibetan incenses date back to Buddha’s time. In truth, we can only be certain of the presence of incenses from the introduction of Buddhism in Tibet in the 12th century. These formulas can contain more than 30 different ingredients based on natural aromatic plants with medicinal and curative properties. Incenses influence the rLung energy, which explains the choice of rLung Poe as a name (“Poe” means “incense” in Tibetan).

rLung is an energy flow linked to the Air, a Tibetan element. To better understand the concept, this image is usually given: rLung is a horse and the horseman is the mind. rLung is known to be fresh, light, rough, thin, hard and mobile. The general function of rLung is to help with the growth and body movements. Exhalation and inhalation are also part of its functions, as well as the well-being of the mind, the word and the body. Finally, rLung helps separate good nutriments from the waste in our stomach.

These incenses rebalance the rLung!

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