The Lotus incense is a shade of blueish grey almost black. The lotus embodies spiritual fulfilment. Its feet are in the mud but the sun shines on its head. From the mud, the lotus draws its vital energy. Like the Lotus, we draw our strength from that humus. It is only through the mud that we can have our head in the sun! That is why in Tibetan traditions, this incense is conductive to spiritual fulfilment.

Length of stick: 9.4″ (24cm) – Burns for 80 to 100 minutes – Each box contains 20 to 22 sticks – sticks are Ø 4mm

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  • 9.8-inch (25-cm) stick with no central wooden support
  • burns for approximatively 80 minutes
  • contains only herbs and minerals

The Lotus, like any Tibetan incense, is used in different practices and rituals. More so than others, the Lotus can be used at any time during the day. It is well suited during a meditation session or a prayer, in a shop or a workshop. Its pleasant aroma, when burning it gives off an exquisite scent of hay and flowers, makes it one of the easiest Tibetan incenses to use.
The symbolism of the Lotus is easy to grasp. Its roots are trapped in mud and darkness, its stem breaks through water and the flower blossoms above water. The open flower symbolises the fullfilment of meditation.

Mud represents ignorance and emotions that control us. These terrestrial forces are transformed by the blossoming flower. Albeit coming from silt and drawing all of its power from it, the flower has no contact with it and blossoms in the sun. The sun which here represents the enlightnment.

Nobody would dare to say that this magnificent flower is soiled because its roots are in the muck. This humus, made up of our past experiences and behaviors, is our wealth; it is the material that we have at our disposal to move forward or not.

In order to blossom, the flower does not choose to go back in itself and to purify this essential sludge but to draw its strength from it which will enable the flower to offer its corolla to the sun. Let us not forget that during its lifetime the Lotus will draw its strength from both the sun and the mud (the middle path!). The water which the Lotus must break through represents life and our choices.


Our review

It is the ideal incense for beginners and/or for those whose noses are not yet accustomed to the specific aromas of Tibetan incenses.

The Lotus is a base, one could say the foundation from which one can achieve spiritual enlightenment. It is perfectly suited for a relaxation session!


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