Medicinal Incens tara Healing


Like almost all Tibetan medicinal incense it is an agar 31. Name that comes from their composition of 31 different ingredients, herbs or minerals.

Tara Healing is one of the best known.

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  • 15cm stick without central wooden support
  • contains exclusively herbs and minerals

Our review
All Tibetan medicinal incense acts on the energy of the rLung. rLung means wind or breath, it is one of the three humors of the body, the other two being bile and phlegm.

In excessive dose the rLung would cause nervousness, insomnia, restlessness while its lack would generate some drowsiness, lack of concentration and fatigue. This incense would have the property to repair these disorders and to allow a harmonious circulation of energies and fluids of the body (blood, lymph …).

Tara healing serves to rebalance the energy of the rLung, it would be more oriented to the problems of lungs and skin.

Warning, these incenses are not drugs, they cannot in any case replace a current treatment. In case of illness, contact your doctor.


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