Medicinal Incense Paljor


These medicinal Tibetan incenses influence the balance of subtle energies of the body and the mind which govern the organism. They are part of the Agar 31. The name comes from their composition of 31 ingredients, different herbs and minerals.

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  • 5.9-inch (15-cm) stick with no central wooden support
  • contains only herbs and minerals

Our review

rLung means “wind” or “breath”, it is one of the three humours of the body, the others are bile and phlegm. Poe means “incense”

In excessive quantity, rLung is said to generate excitability, insomnia and agitation whereas its absence is said to generate somnolence, a lack of concentration and tiredness. The proprieties of this incense are said to repair these disturbances and to make it possible for the energies and bodily fluids (blood, lymph, etc.) to circulate in harmony.

Paljor is used to rebalance the rLung energy; it is most suited for issues of excitability, irritability, bad mood and mood switches.

Be aware that these incenses are not medicines, they cannot in any way replace an ongoing treatment. In case of a disease, please consult a doctor.


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