Nagarjuna produces very little smoke when burning! Therefore, you can use it even in an enclosed space. The 10.6-inch (27-cm) sticks burn for around 120 minutes, a box contains 30 sticks.

In any case, be careful to sufficiently ventilate the room where the incense is burning and to keep the sticks out of reach of children.

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Nagarjuna is one of the most important figures of Mahāyāna Buddhism. He is even said to be its founder. Buddhist monk and alchemist in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, native of India, he was already famous in his time.

Instructions for use: Light the stick, then place it on a layer of ash or on an incense burner made for Tibetan incenses or stick it in sand. The incense stick will burn out when it reaches the sand. If you only wish to burn a part of the stick, you only need to turn it upside down and stick the burning tip in the sand, or to break a piece off before lighting it and only burn one piece. In any case, be careful to sufficiently ventilate the room where the incense is burning and keep the stick out of reach of children.

The Nagarjuna incense works on several levels:

  •      Purification, which is a prerequisite to any beneficial action, may it be medicinal or meditational or even a Puja. Once lit, the incense sticks emit a very subtle and calming vibration. You can sense it by holding one or three sticks in your hands.
  •      Medicinal effect by the rebalancing of rLung; these incenses will as easily relax someone who is too stressed out, upset or sad, as revitalize someone who is too tired (rebalancing effect).
  •      Meditation; here the rebalancing effect is interesting as it greatly helps to enter a meditative state which is neither too tensed nor too doleful.
  •      Puja, an offering and devotion ceremony, often practiced to increase the energy of Lungta (rLung Ta) which can be literally translated by “Wind Horse”. This energy is one that controls our lives. It depends on our karma and can be increased by several practices, including Pujas. In a nutshell, Lungta embodies the energy of well-being and good fortune.


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