The yellow ochre of Om is linked to its very powerful energetic dimension. OM is the seed syllable of the Universe, which goes to show the power that Tibetans give to this incense. It helps reach a very deep concentration and a genuine sensation of letting go. It is very powerful and has a very high frequency level. It is used by meditators, magnetizers or people who practice Reiki.

Length of stick: 9.4″ (24cm) – Burns for 80 to 100 minutes – Each box contains 20 to 22 sticks – sticks are Ø 4mm

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  • 9.8-inch (25-cm) stick with no central wooden support
  • burns for approximatively 80 minutes
  • contains only herbs and minerals

The Om incense is linked to the energy and the mind (a mind which we aim to soothe with meditation). It has a musky aroma which turns into a chimney fire scent when the stick is burning.

The Om incense is known to be one of the incenses with the highest frequency level.

The Om incense is meant to enable the user to enter a deep meditational state in a faster and more sustained way. In the hands of experts, this incense is incredible in a Reiki or a magnetism session. Its frequency level is such that therapists may use it as a “cloak” to shield themselves from potentially dangerous energies.

It can also be used in a singing bowl therapy; it brings about a faster and deeper resonance.

Our review

This incense helps achieve an advanced meditative practice and is a great help for visualizing. In a nutshell, Om is recommended to reach a very deep and long-lasting concentration.

Made to help concentration and letting go, the Om incense is perfect for meditators, magnetizers and Reiki practitioners.


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