The Potala is the name of the palace of the Dalai Lama in Lhassa. The Potala Palace is a sacred place. The red of the Potala incense is linked to its terrestrial dimension. This incense is traditionally used to purify the air and the environment from negative energies. It is said to have the power to release internal blockings and increase wisdom.

Length of stick: 9.4″ (24cm) – Burns for 80 to 100 minutes – Each box contains 20 to 22 sticks – sticks are Ø 4mm

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  • 9.8-inch (25-cm) stick with no central wooden support
  • burns for approximatively 80 minutes
  • contains only herbs and minerals

The presence of red sandalwood and saffron in the ingredients of the Potala makes this incense suited for grounding. This incense is linked to the first chakra. It is the incense most suited for purifying your home and yourself. It is to be used to purify the air and the environment of its negative energies.

Potala is perfectly suited before and after a day of work, may it be for a teacher, for a therapist or for any activity that requires to be in prolonged contact with others. It is also burnt before a ceremony, the visit of a Lama. It can be used at home after a quarrel or an undesired visit. It profoundly helps to return to a calmer state after a disruptive emotion (sadness, anger, etc.). 

Potala has the power to release some internal blockings linked to residues of anger and/or of desire, two great enemies of spiritual evolution. However, if the emotion is truly too strong and long-lasting, one can use medicinal incenses, which will have a stronger balancing action. In this case, the Potala will only have an interesting action once the rebalancing is completed.

Our review:

It can purify any area in preparation for a ritual or to live in. Don’t be afraid to let a small piece of Potala burn at your place of work before you leave! When you are back, your environment will be “lighter”.


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