Shambhala incense is  dark red. This incense acts mainly on the first chakra (which does not exclude an action on the other chakras, like any Tibetan incense). Its aroma is earthy, slightly musky.

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  • 9.8-inch (25-cm) stick with no central wooden support
  • burns for approximatively 80 minutes
  • contains only herbs and minerals

This incense binds us to the terrestrial experience, it raises the frequency level to enable us to practice a special prayer/meditation, that of the Kalachakra.

If you haven’t learned Buddhist teachings, you may use it in meditation or relaxation while keeping in the back of your mind the understanding of that path. You only need to wish to understand the path for you to get there. Here is the meaning of the meditation, and, above all, do not forget that there is no judgement to pass. This meditation is joyful!

By taking the inner journey to Shambhala, we thrive to find the direct consciousness of a small child with all of his sense of wonderment. But one cannot achieve such a result by walking back into the past and trying to become a child again. We have lost our innocence, that which enabled us to experience the world directly (without judgment). As adults, our experiences have gone through the filter of our desires and our conceptions. We cannot ignore the shade of preconceived ideas which now hinders our vision. We must face it and see what we have done to our mind and our spirit

It is only by becoming aware of our illusions and how we stick to them that we can free ourselves from their grasp and awaken a new and direct consciousness of the world around us. Rather than going backwards, we must go forward towards a new and wiser innocence – that which combines the wonderment of a child with the wisdom of a sage.

Our review

The keyword about using this incense is a joyful and deep lightness. That which you can see on the faces of true masters.

It is the incense of the light warriors, they who have made the joyful quest for illumination the center of their lives.


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