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Our Special Offer contains two luxurious incenses: Manjushiri and Nagarjuna. Both are medicinal incenses (pertaining to Tibetan medicine) as well as meditation and offering incenses, etc.

The wooden incense burner, the incense sticks and the box are hand-made. 

This pack contains

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x 1
Incense Burner with Grate
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Both incenses have comparable effects, you can use one or the other to work on relaxation, meditation, etc.

However, we will always prefer one or the other depending on the moment or the mood. We offer you both in this package so that you can try them out and pick the one that suits you best. 

jeune tibétain faisant une puja avec 3 bâtons

Both will increase your Lungta energy and rebalance your rLung so that you’re neither too doleful nor too upset. This is the best state to be in to enter a focused meditation. 

In the eyes of Tibetan Buddhists, concentration is essential, even vital. They promote the middle path, meaning that their meditation must neither be too relaxed nor too tensed. Only a focused meditation (in the Tibetan sense) offers a penetrative insight and enables awakening. Only such a state prevents us from being distracted by either dolefulness, a type of lethargy which anesthetizes the mind, or by too many activities which divert us from penetrative insight.   

Our Tibetan incenses are all guaranteed 100% natural. They are hand-made, without any chemicals or preservatives. The packaging of Manjushiri and Nagarjuna incenses is hand-made and printed in Panipat. 

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